Marketing is the vehicle that allows you to take your project to your target audience. It is responsible for winning over and retaining customers and followers, for spreading ideas and concepts, for the intrusion of a company into a niche market or even for the creation of a whole new universe.
Marketing is also a whole business strategy, a way to stand out from the competition and respond to consumer needs. It is through marketing that the balance of supply and demand is regulated and that new needs, hitherto unknown, are created. Marketing is the soul and engine of a project.

- SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - SEO - Search engine optimization allows you to improve the position your website or online store occupies on a search page. the positioning of your page is essential to acquire new customers and keep your project always in the spotlight.

- GOOGLE ADVERTISEMENTS - Publishing ads on Google search pages allows your potential clients and followers to find your project much more easily. A good management of your campaigns and the definition of strategies certainly puts you at the top!

- GOOGLE ANALYTICS - Google analytics is, so far, the best market analysis tool. This allows you to effectively know how many users have visited your website, who they are and what they are looking for. This allows you to modify and improve your platform according to the needs of your customers and followers.

- MANAGEMENT OF SOCIAL NETWORKS - The management of social networks allows you to implement a set of strategies and methodologies so that your content is better received by your target audience, attracting and retaining it. For this, it is necessary to continuously produce content and invest in advertising so that your project continues to attract more and more followers and potential customers.

- EMAIL MARKETING - Email marketing consists of using email tools in digital marketing campaigns, making it a direct and effective way to keep your customers up to date and to attract potential new followers.


SEO (search engine optimization) techniques aim to increase the volume of traffic to your website - improvement of the site's ranking - resulting from organic searches in search engines, such as Google, and which are relevant to your business area. At elimits we want you to always be ahead!
Google Ads / Facebook Ads

02Google Ads / Facebook Ads

Increase online sales, bookings or mailing list sign-ups through online advertisements that drive people to your website. Create your own group of followers and loyal customers!

03Email Marketing

Email marketing is the ideal solution for anyone who wants continuous communication about their services, promotions or news with their customers. This type of service allows you to establish a strong and consistent contact that lasts over time, allowing you to attract more customers and build lasting ties.
Email Marketing